Why Hire a Landscape Design/Build Firm?

For many people, their home is their biggest investment. Most homeowners understand the importance and countless benefits of retaining design professionals to map out their dream kitchen or an architect to create detailed and accurate blueprints for an addition, yet such forethought is often missing when launching a project outdoors. Allow landscape experts to share their enthusiasm for Mother Nature with you!

The decision to hire a professional to design and construct your landscape project runs far deeper than simply contracting the lowest bidder. Spending more upfront by paying for qualified and knowledgeable experts will ultimately save you money in the long run by preventing do-overs, inefficiencies and the potential of an end result that is unappealing, unsafe or non-functional. Why spend money on home improvement projects unless you will receive a high return on investment? Your friends may have told you about their awful renovation experience but you can avert being just another home improvement horror story by methodically selecting and systematically communicating with a professional.


Reputable landscape firms realize the outdoors is an extension of the home’s living space. That realization translates into tremendous value in functional design, strategic planning and innovative construction and development techniques. The exterior environment should reflect your personality and make being outdoors enjoyable. Creating ‘outdoor rooms’ gives you and your guests the opportunity for recreation, relaxation and revelry all on one site! Full service landscape design/build firms provide project management services to oversee and coordinate the process from start to finish in addition to integrated landscape architecture and design, construction, horticulture, lawn maintenance and garden care.

These exclusive companies offer the comforting factor of simplicity with one point of contact. Working with one full service company keeps disorganization to a minimum. Beginning with a creative and functional design, a full service firm ensures achievement of the original design intent during installation by in-house craftsmen and during the maturity of the gardens by trained and experienced horticulturalists.


A single source firm also provides routine communication throughout the process and subsequent relationship. Funneling all phases of a project through one office guarantees responsible sequencing and coordination while eliminating miscommunication and other unnecessary, time-consuming and stressful hassles, and seeing the same faces creates a strong relationship built on trust and dedication.

Landscape elements are dynamic, so landscape design/build firms consider both the present and the future. Crafting functional, enjoyable and high quality outdoor spaces is both an art and a science, and extraordinary results stem directly from industry experience and specialty knowledge. Working with one company provides a personalized, smooth and fun experience!