Plant of the Month: Itoh Peony

What is more beautiful than peonies? Nothing! Peonies are a traditional springtime plant that can light up a garden, even on a cloudy day.

The Itoh Peony is hands down the best flowering plant available in May in our opinion. Now the Itoh Peony is not your typical peony. All of the things you love about the classic plant have been hybridized into a new family of peonies that will knock your socks off!


The horticulturalists behind the Itoh Peony were so clever that they even solved the issues that drove you crazy about the original peony (i.e. floppy flowers that drooped and housed every ant in the county after a rainstorm). The Itoh is a combination of the traditional peony plant with the strong-stemmed tree peony so the result is a lush shrub featuring long-lasting, upright, fantastic flowers with a sweet fragrance.


Itoh Peonies have jumbo double flowers with an extra long flowering period. The flowers are available in pink, yellow, orange and every combination of the three. It is said that each plant can have 50 blossoms per season so don’t be shy about bringing some inside to enjoy.

Once the fabulous flowers are done for the season, Itoh Peonies provide simple, glossy green foliage until frost. The mature shrub is approximately 3′ tall and wide. Be sure to plant in the full sun for the best flower display. Your garden will be the envy of all of your neighbors!