Happy Mother’s Day from Cording Landscape Design

Happy Mother’s Day from the Cording Landscape Design family! We believe that mothers are like flowers, each one beautiful and unique.

Now that spring has sprung, we wanted to share some of our favorite spring flowering container gardens. Instead of being planted in the ground, container gardens are grown in any kind of container you can imagine—pots, boxes, barrels, baskets and more. They can be as big or as small, as simple or as extravagant as you like, making them the perfect way to add variety to your landscape.

The container gardens pictured here display beautiful combinations of bulbs, annuals, perennials and shrubs. We love container gardens. We hope you will, too. Why not start one for the next holiday?




Pansies are probably the most common, durable, adaptable, and colorful Spring flower around. They can handle the haphazard bursts of cold weather as old man winter is saying goodbye, all the while brightening up every nook and cranny in the garden.



If you have a sunny spot and some local deer browsing, consider using daffodils. You have the choice of yellow, white and pink – and a combination of them all, when working with daffodils. Tulips are another spring classic, but beware, they are just as tasty as Thanksgiving dinner to deer.



If a sweet smell is what you’re looking for, you want hyacinths! Hyacinths have an incredible fragrance and come in exceptionally bright colors. They are a great addition to the garden beds as well as the container gardens.



Tulips offer a ton of color and texture choices so you can let your imagination run wild just in that plant family – be sure to check out Parrot Tulips if you’ve never heard of them before.



We also suggest introducing some perennials and shrubs to your containers. Lenten Rose, Itoh Peony (stay tuned for more information on Itoh’s this month), and various early blooming hydrangea can provide a long bloom season and then you can re-plant them in the garden beds to enjoy year after year!