DesignNJ June, July 2017

‘Extra! Extra!’   DesignNJ June/July 2017

When the catastrophe that was Hurricane Sandy hit the Jersey Shore in 2012, builders were in the early stages of construction of a Seaside Park home. Though this particular plot of land was spared the worst of Sandy’s fury, the storm was a devastating reminder of the vicissitudes of Mother Nature. Keeping that in mind, […]

DesignNJ Water World - waterfalls

‘Water World!’   DesignNJ June/July 2008

There’s nothing like the sight and sound of water to both soothe and excite and — above all — to add a special dimension to a landscaping scheme. There are many design options open to homeowners. This pond features a waterfall that breaks into distinct streams — one has a more vertical drop that creates […]

‘Pool Houses’   DesignNJ June/July 2003

BUILDING THE IDEAL POOL HOUSE WAS A MATTER OF STRIKING THE RIGHT balance for a family in Union County. They had to balance the space limitations imposed by their town — 24 feet by 24 feet — with their desire to accommodate large gatherings. They wanted an eating area with the comfort and climate control […]

‘Spiked Punch’   DesignNJ February/March 2009

Beth Pellegrini, a designer with Cording Landscape Design in Towaco, is almost poetic in describing ornamental grasses. “The breeze moves through them, causing motion and sound, making the gardens come alive. Also, they give variety in form, color, and texture, and can be mixed with other plants to make interesting plant combinations.” Ideal planting times […]