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Plant of the Month: Adirondack Crabapple

With a mature width of only 10-12’ and height of 16-18’, the Adirondack Crabapple is the perfect ornamental tree for narrow spaces and formal gardens.  This “crab” is profusely covered with dark carmine red buds in the spring that explode into fragrant, elegant white “apple blossom” flowers. It is one of the heaviest flowering crabapples […]

Cording Landscape Design - Beautiful Ideas - Water Features

Beautiful Ideas: The Magical Nature of Water

Lastly, integrating a pond and waterfall into a steep unusable or unsightly sloped portion of your property allows you to turn a negative into a positive and create a focal point and/or new favorite hideaway in the garden. It is possible to integrate the functional areas of your yard into the sloping section(s) by constructing […]

Plant of the Month: Itoh Peony

What is more beautiful than peonies? Nothing! Peonies are a traditional springtime plant that can light up a garden, even on a cloudy day. The Itoh Peony is hands down the best flowering plant available in May in our opinion. Now the Itoh Peony is not your typical peony. All of the things you love […]

Happy Mother’s Day from Cording Landscape Design

Happy Mother’s Day from the Cording Landscape Design family! We believe that mothers are like flowers, each one beautiful and unique. Now that spring has sprung, we wanted to share some of our favorite spring flowering container gardens. Instead of being planted in the ground, container gardens are grown in any kind of container you […]

Plant of the Month: Bloomerang Lilac

When you think of spring, you think of tulips, spring training, April showers, cherry blossoms… and LILACS! No garden is complete without one. How can you resist the incredible fragrance, beautiful purple flowers, and mini habitat that invites butterflies and hummingbirds? Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “I love lilacs, but the blossoms are so […]

Beautiful Ideas: Using Natural Stone for your Patio Surface

Classic. Sophisticated. Organic. Natural stone exhibits these qualities without saying a word. Incorporating natural stone into your landscape provides a WOW factor through permanent elements that will stand the test of time. Each stone is unique and exhibits its own character, while a stone patio adds a simplistic, functional, and aesthetically pleasing detail to your outdoor space. […]