Beautiful Ideas: Using Natural Stone for your Patio Surface

Classic. Sophisticated. Organic. Natural stone exhibits these qualities without saying a word. Incorporating natural stone into your landscape provides a WOW factor through permanent elements that will stand the test of time.

Each stone is unique and exhibits its own character, while a stone patio adds a simplistic, functional, and aesthetically pleasing detail to your outdoor space. Introducing stone as the foundation of that space allows you to renew your relationship with nature while creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for you and your guests.  It gives you the opportunity to escape the indoors and experience nature, feeling the cool breeze on your face or listening to the birds singing in the trees.  And the practical benefits of using natural stone as hardscape are endless: durability, versatility, sustainability and, of course, value!

Because of the climate here in Northern New Jersey, material options are limited to those that can withstand a brutal winter with extreme cold temperatures, constant snow and ice accumulation and repeated application of bags and bags of ice melt. The two best stones for this kind of weather are Pennsylvania bluestone and quartzite.

Pennsylvania bluestone offers flexibility in style, whether you prefer a thermal (smooth, consistent finish) or natural cleft (non-uniformly textured surface).  Both bluestone and quartzite can be installed as pattern (formal or traditional square cut), irregular (rustic or casual free-form and mosaic) or custom oversized slabs (formal or contemporary sawn-cut rectilinear pieces).

In most cases, the stone type and shape is a personal preference, but sometimes a site just screams for a special composition. The patio stone can complement the attributes of the nearby garden and landscape as well as unify the vertical architecture of the home with the lushness of the garden.

At the most basic level, natural stone patios and terraces provide long lasting and beautiful surfaces for your next dinner party or family cookout. Whether you choose to cook, dine, relax or entertain, patio spaces serve as an extension of your home while completing and integrating the outdoor design components of your property. Take a look at the photos below to see how natural stone is always in sync with the spirit of the surroundings.

Landscape design with patio, steps and furniture bordered by perennials, trees and shrubs Design Cording Landscape Design, Inc.

Square cut Pennsylvania bluestone

Custom oversized square cut PA bluestone

Custom oversized square cut Pennsylvania bluestone

Design: Cording Landscape Design, Inc. Patio & dining furniture next to naturally designed pool

Irregular Pennsylvania bluestone

Landscape design: house, Norwegian buff and Pennyslvania bluestone patio bordered by dry-laid stone retaining walls & mixed borders Design: Cording Landscape Design Inc.

Norwegian Buff Quartzite

Desert Gold Quartzite